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Jennifer Hauck

Jennifer picks chard in her garden.

Jennifer Hauck has been capturing life with her camera for over 20 years and still feels a sense of privilege and excitement at being let into her subjects' lives through her lens.

Jen grew up in Northern Vermont and studied photography at Endicott College and the Rhode Island School of Photography. She is chief photographer for the Valley News in Lebanon, N.H. Her work has also been published in the New York Times, USA Today, the Chicago Sun-Times and Sports Illustrated. Jen's work has won awards from the New England Press Association, the Vermont Press Association and other professional organizations.

She loves photojournalism because of its unpredictability. "Every day is a different day," she says. "People let you into their lives for a little while — it's a window into who they are."

Jen's wedding photography is informed by her background as a photojournalist. She has been helping couples remember their wedding day for nearly 20 years. Jen enjoys capturing the little moments that make weddings so special — a hug between two friends, an unexpected smile during a serious moment, a quiet time for the bride and groom.

When she's not taking pictures, Jen enjoys cooking, gardening, raising pigs and collecting eggs from her hens. She also likes to hike in the surrounding woods of her Vermont home with her dog.